BMW Motorcycle Service & Repair

BMW Oil & Water Cooled 1994-Present


Factory Scheduled Maintenance

600 Mile Service/ Break-In Service

6,000 mile service

12,000 mile service

18,000 mile service

24,000 mile service

Tire Installs

Aftermarket/Extended Warranty Repairs

Brake Fluid Services

Coolant Exchanges

Transmission Re-Build and Re-Seal 

Final Drive Re-Build and Re-Seals

ABS Unit Rebuild (most models) 

Renew clutches on all models 

Engine Re-Build 

Chain and Sprockets 

Install Aftermarket Accessories  

Check over private party sales And More!

BMW Air Cooled Twins 1970-1995


Level I Service

Level II Service

Tire Installs

Engine Rebuilds

Cylinder Head Work

Transmission Rebuilds

Bing Carburetor Rebuilds

Electronic Ignition Upgrade

Suspension Upgrade

Brake Fluid Services

BMW OEM part replacement

Install Aftermaket Accessories